Areas of application

The RENCO R35i is an incremental optical rotary encoder without an integral bearing. Its key features include a compact design, with a 35 mm outer diameter and a height of 14 mm, and a built-in mounting aid for convenient self-centering installation. In conjunction with its OPTO-ASIC technology, the RENCO R35i offers optimal functionality in a highly compact design, making it ideal for the following areas of application:

Electric motor technology

Thanks to its high position measurement resolution of up to 10000 signals per revolution (40000 measuring steps after quadrature evaluation) and its wide operating temperature range, from –30 °C to +115 °C, the RENCO R35i is an ideal feedback system for stepper motors in Closed Loop mode. The RENCO R35i also provides three commutation signals (U, V, and W) for positionally correct powering of the rotor windings in BLDC motors (brushless DC motors) with up to 32 pole pairs.


The robotics industry is a strongly growing sector. Recent technologies in the field are opening up new areas of application well beyond the typical industrial robots used in automated manufacturing. In the future, service robots capable of direct human interaction will increasingly assist in manual production processes.

Professional service robots will also find increased use in applications such as

  • building-facade and solar-panel cleaning,
  • pipeline inspection, • fully automated agricultural harvesting,
  • and logistics applications, such as automated conveyor and loading vehicles.

Thanks to its compact design and outstanding performance data, the RENCO R35i is the ideal solution for all of these applications.

Medical technology

A variety of characteristics make the RENCO R35i highly suitable for demanding medical technology applications. Its materials are RoHS-conformant and therefore free of hazardous materials in accordance with EC Directive 2011/65/EU. It also features high reliability and interference-free data transmission thanks to line drivers in compliance with EIA standard RS-422. These characteristics play a key role in attaining high patient safety in physiotherapeutic devices, as well as high analysis quality and reproducibility in laboratory applications.

The encoder’s high resolution of up to 10000 signal periods per revolution enables gentle, smooth, and precise control, an important characteristic for liquid-handling lab applications and for patient comfort in physiotherapeutic devices. Typical areas of application include lab automation equipment with centrifuges and pipetting systems for liquid handling, as well as physiotherapeutic devices such as movement exercisers.


Automation The RENCO R35i is an attractive solution for automation applications in industries such as semiconductors, food, and textiles. With its strong dynamic performance and very high signal resolution, this encoder excels in precise position control of machines and complex systems. Die bonders for chip-on-board manufacturing, automated textile winding machines, palleting systems, and automated coin counters are just a few of the possible applications.

Short signal processing times give the RENCO R35i its high dynamic performance, while its integrated interpolation provides high resolution for precise positioning. Of course, the compact design of the R35i, made possible by its ASIC technology, also plays a significant role in factory automation.

Facility engineering

Modern residential, administrative, and industrial buildings contain numerous motor-controlled systems, including elevators, ventilation systems, and automatic doors and gates. The compact design of the RENCO R35i makes it ideal for applications such as elevator door control and speed control in ventilation systems

Facility engineering providers place great value on reliability and failure safety. These qualities are ensured thanks to extensive certification of the encoders in accordance with ISO quality standards. Reliable data exchange is provided by the encoder’s serial interface in accordance with EIA standard RS-422. This interface ensures high immunity to interference through its symmetrical differential signal transmission.