Rotary Optical Encoders
for Precise Motion Sensing

RENCO Rotary Encoders

RENCO’s product program currently includes the R35i and RCML15 rotary encoders without integral bearing. They use the optical scanning principle and offer the greatest possible functionality while featuring the smallest possible dimensions, thanks in large part to their simple and self-centering installation method with the patented slide-lock mechanism. This makes them particularly suitable for operation in electrical drive technology, robotics, medical technology, automation, and building services engineering.

HEIDENHAIN produces the RENCO rotary encoders, and also sells them worldwide. This means that RENCO rotary encoders benefit from HEIDENHAIN’s comprehensive know-how in the development and production of encoders. HEIDENHAIN develops and manufactures linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts and numerical controls for demanding positioning tasks. To date HEIDENHAIN has shipped nearly six million linear encoders, over 15 million rotary and angle encoders, approximately 500,000 digital readouts and 260,000 TNC controls.

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Get advice tailored to your needs, and experience the new rotary encoder generation for stepper and BLDC motors in real time. RENCO rotary encoders are the ideal motor feedback systems for stepper motors in Closed-Loop operation and for exact position measurement in machines such as laser scanners.

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