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Brochure Rotary Encoders R35i,R35iL05/2020
Operating instructions R35i02/2023
Operating instructions R35iL03/2023
Output cable PUR Ø 4.5 mm without shield connection  (JAE connector)02-A-01
Output cable PUR Ø 6.0 mm without shield connection  (JAE connector)02-A-02
Output cable PUR Ø 4.5 mm with shield connection  (JAE connector)01-A-03
Output cable PUR Ø 6.0 mm with shield connection  (JAE connector)01-A-04
Product note for wire-to board the connector, pitch 1.25 mm, female 9-/15-pin07-A-01
PWT 100 / 101 Installation instruction02/2019
PWT 101 User manual Module Block07/2021

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EU Declaration of Conformity R35i, R35iL, RCML152021-12-01
UKCA Declaration of Conformity R35i, R35iL, RCML152022-12-08
EU Declaration of Conformity output cable2021-12-02
UKCADeclaration of Conformity output cable2022-12-08
CERTIFICATE U8V0201960240, UL61010 RENCO R35i, R35iL, RCML152020-05-18

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PWT 101 Module Block Commutation 
Version v1.0.3